This chapter analyses key environmental and social factors pertaining to the experience of Cambodian temporary worker migration in Thailand. It discusses the socio-political context that has created the conditions that lend impetus to the temporary migration, before reporting the findings of a detailed analysis of data collected from migrants in the peri-urban areas of Siem Reap. It provides an analysis of Cambodia's economic performance relative to Thailand's and the development of Cambodia's recent economic situation. The chapter details how migrant workers engage with brokers either on an urgent Involuntary Livelihood Pushed (ILP) or non-urgent Voluntary Income Enhancement (VIE) basis. But it is also important to understand the differences between the two groups in terms of expenditure. The chapter provides an experience of Cambodian temporary migrants upon repatriation from Thailand to Siem Reap. It distinguishes between those who migrate on an urgent or non-urgent basis, classifying them as either ILP migrants or VIE migrants.