This chapter focuses on the whole-of-life asset management view of procurement proposed by Adriana X. Sanchez and Keith D. Hampson. Based on this approach, asset procurement and management starts at the strategic planning phase and ends with the operations and decommissioning phase. The chapter explores some of the roles that public clients can play in achieving information integration across software domains and organisational boundaries as well as the successful implementation of whole-of-life industry benchmarking systems. Public clients can reduce tensions, empower particular players and lower the transaction costs associated with the uptake of new technologies, which puts them in an empowered position to promote change. The Sydney Opera House team has taken an informed and expert client approach to the development of their Building Information Modelling (BIM) guidelines and requirements. Within the BIM context, benchmarks often combine quantitative and qualitative measures 'of the "hard" and "soft" aspects of BIM'.