Chapter 7 emphasizes ongoing transformations in music cultures online, addressing the video sharing site YouTube as a basis for music listening and music video watching, and tracing its development during the period of the study. The chapter examines how the do-it-yourself culture of YouTube, often used as an example of user collaboration and participation, has shifted to increasing editorial functions and commercial messages, exemplifying changes in online music culture. It maps and discusses the structure for music on YouTube and how different functions provide entry points shaping musical discovery on the site. The theoretical concepts intermediation, participation and spreadability are, in this chapter, used to understand how YouTube permeates contemporary music culture. The chapter, further, addresses the role of advertisements on YouTube, a growing part of YouTube’s interface at the time, as well as looking at how political/aesthetic resistance takes form in memes on YouTube during the time of the study. The latter is done through an analysis of so called viral videos with music content. These are exemplifying how music takes place on the site, and how music contributes to the commercially focused activity on the site, as well as participatory culture.?