Makiguchi Tsunesaburo stresses that pupils start their learning process with familiar matters and comprehend their environment from various perspectives while organizing information by themselves. The method of teaching composition which intends to nurture the "ability to think" while developing the "ability to write" is still valid in education. Before Makiguchi explains his own teaching plan in his essay "Recollections of My Teaching 45 Years Ago," he recollects the common approach of teaching composition. Makiguchi tooks note of "apperception" because he believed that the Herbartian theory of teaching is effective in helping the pupils develop an interest in learning. Consequently, the key in teaching composition also lies in how the teacher introduces the process of apperception to their pupils. Makiguchi also took note of the role of reading in order to help pupils learn from examples in styles of writing and devised a teaching method which combines reading with writing.