The number of urban and peri-urban food initiatives has increased significantly in many regions of the world in recent years, notably Europe and the US. For example, in the UK, from just one farmers’ market in the city of Bath in 1997, there were over 800 by 2013. 1 The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (FCFCG) now represents around 200 city and school farms, 1,000 community gardens, and more than 70 school farms, with an estimated three million visitors a year. 2 Further unknown numbers take part in other food ventures such as school gardens, food banks, abundance initiatives and foraging, or guerrilla gardening. 3 There are also around 330,000 individual allotment plots in the UK, and an estimated 23 million domestic gardens ( Buck 2016 ), although no data exists on how many of the latter are used for growing food.