There is a noteworthy gap in recent research on the growing activity of guerrilla gardening. The purpose of this chapter is to provide a voice to those who dwell or work close to sites which have been colonized by guerrilla gardeners. It explores personal research-led interactions with “guerrillas”, a term often used to refer to a group of guerrilla gardeners. We begin by arguing that much of the existing commentary on guerrilla gardening is one-dimensional, deriving from those practicing the activity who fail to look relationally, including Reynolds (2008 ) and Tracey (2007 , 2011 ) and various other writers and informal bloggers (see, for example, D.C. Guerrilla Gardeners, 2012 ; Glasgow Guerrillas, 2012 ; Pothole Gardener, 2012 ). This chapter provides a perspective from recent interactions with guerrilla gardeners and offers a more personalized approach than previous studies in this area. We call for this more personal approach to research in this field to be used more widely, liaising with not only the guerrillas but the wider community.