This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book offers us profound insights about hubris; specifically, characteristics, causes and consequences of hubristic leadership that exerts over-confident and over-ambitious judgement and behaviour. It provides an interpretative sense-making and re-storying of this myth of modern-day organization and leadership. The book examines legend of old king Popiel and the killer mice, reveals the problems of consequences of disconnecting leadership from the people and the land, while also showing a way out of the seemingly desperate situation this kind of leadership produces. It explores impacts of monstrous lies, even in a post-lie world, and the lack of being in contact, while encouraging simulating/emulating to engage in dialogue and cultivating a trust culture. The book seeks to invite readers to simulate/emulate that attitude of openness to the reality of experience, without closing ourselves off to possibilities by clinging to simple differentiations of truth from falsehood.