The chapter by Wendelin Küpers, “The Story of Merlin as a Tale of Wisdom”, takes the figure and stories about Merlin as a tale for learning about wisdom. Reinterpreting various narrated messages and inspirations evoked by this archetypical character are linked to leadership and organizations as well as their stakeholders. In particular, insights and learnings are explored with regard to envisioning futures, mentoring and counselling of political leadership (King Arthur, Camelot) and institutionalized forms of governance (Round Table). Furthermore, adventurous quests for integration (Holy Grail, Wild Man, Love Spell) as well as the role of an engaged but placid letting-go are discussed. Part of this retelling are also ambiguities, challenges and perspectives that emerge by reconstructing and reinterpreting the stories of Merlin as a source for what wisdom of leadership was, is and could be.