In this chapter, the author concentrates on two of Byzantine shipwrecks which seem to the author to be of particular importance to the medieval history of the Sea of Marmara. Careful investigation of the route revealed that at certain junctures around the Marmara islands, there are clusters of shipwrecks. The author describes the route that ships departing from Ganos would have followed when sailing to Constantinople, with knowledge of the currents and prevailing winds in the Sea of Marmara. In any case, Marmara was certainly a wine- and amphora-producing island and possessed a significant number of monasteries. A combination of investigations, both underwater and on land, on and around the Marmara islands followed, forming the second phase of the overall project. Fresh finds linked to historical information furthered the author interests in the monastic network of Ganos-Prokonnesos-Constantinople, and convinced people of its importance.