I would de(ire all to tal?e heed of idle w ords: and mind well what ye fpeak, when and how ; avoid all needlefs fpeeches: and put far away all Tain foolish jelling; an evil, which my felf was fome times very prone too, and as too many do harm b y , I endeavored to make my felf and others m erry: but alas, ’t is finful mirth, and it will bring fadnefs here> or els which is worfe, end in forrow hereafter: thus was I convinced of this evil being upon a joyrney, meeting one that was a Granger to mee, thinking to make him and my felf laugh: fpoakejeftingly to him; but he prefently fella fwearing and curling, and railing; which when I heard,wounded me to the heart, that I by my folly should provoke the poor man fotofin againftGod , my mirth foon turned into mourning. And while 1 mourned before the Lordoverthis my great evil, whichhad produced fuch a fad ef­ fect, God was pleafed to fet this upon my heart. Cannot I make thee more merry with heavenly and fpiritualjoy» then thou can ft make thy felf with fuch foolish vain and finful mirth. And the Lord hath fince filled mee with that fweet refreshing joy: that is a thoufand times better to mee then all finful mirth.