This chapter explores two main questions: What are the views of Indigenous Australians on research reform? What are the underlying principles fundamental to such reform? It seeks to acknowledge a number of developing views Indigenous Australians have in relation to methodological reform. Increasing numbers of Indigenous Australians and First Nations peoples around the globe are undertaking higher degrees involving research at universities. In Australia, Indigenism has sought to conceptualize methodological reform using a variety of approaches that advocate a research compatibility with Indigenous realities, interests and aspirations. Indigenist research seeks to chart our own political and social agendas for liberation from the colonial domination of research and society. Indigenist research is research that upholds the political integrity of Indigenous peoples as sovereign First Nations Australians. 'Indigenist research is research which gives voice to the voiceless.' Increasingly the dominance of Western-orientated discourse is being challenged by proactive Indigenist researchapproaches.