The Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance (MBEB) program has evolved under various names (Cultivating-Emotional Balance, Stress-Management and Relaxation Training-in-Education Program, M-Power Teacher Program, and the Mindfulness-based Attentional Training for-Spouses Program). Many people, across long periods of time, have contributed to its current form. The themes and practices of the program are designed and organized to enhance participants’ nonjudgmental awareness about their emotional processing, emotional patterns, and reactions, and to gain insight about the relationship between emotions and related phenomena such as attention, intention, thoughts, and behavior. The research studies on the MBEB program in education have been guided by a theory of change of intended program effects on teachers, classrooms, and students. The MBEB program has been refined and studied over time, a manual has been published, the training of MBEB instructors has begun, and lines of research in education and the military using variants of MBEB are underway.