Forn de teatre Pa’tothom is an entity dedicated to theatre, specializing in Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) with 17 years of experience, installed in the working-class neighborhood of the Raval, in Barcelona, Spain. Another objective of Pa’tothom is for a person to discover themselves as an artist, as realizing their creative potential allows them to see things in a different manner, thereby improving their self-perception. Pa’tothom encourages heterogeneity, actively seeking out and accepting groups that are comprised of people with different profiles, with the specific intent to provoke dialogue that does not commonly occur in our society. People who have done a TO workshop and want to study TO more seriously often come to Pa’tothom knowing that our training will take them to the next level. In the long run, pioneering the initiation of TO in Barcelona has brought the implementation and consolidation of joining a theatrical practice to Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain.