This chapter focuses especially on daycare centers because this allows exploring happiness not only in regard to curricular matters, but also to a plethora of other activities, such as sleeping, eating, or toilet training. In general, what is of interest to teachers and caretakers is the local daycare institution where they work, specifically for this is the place that is creating an enjoyable environment and pleasurable experiences for the children in their care. The chapter also focuses on the variegated activities—the more active or the more passive—underscores the bodily aspects of happiness and enjoyment involving all of the children's faculties and senses in the process of socialization to happiness, entailing sensual, embodied experiences. It entails a proposition about the life course, about the long-term effects of the children's experiences. Meta-competencies refer to how well and quickly someone develops competencies that involve the ability to seek and enter experiences of flow and more reflective forms of enjoyment.