An on-going process of conscious self-awareness about the body, the mind, feelings, images, thoughts and emotions. Embodiment is commonly understood to be about the mind/body connection, or the presence of the meaty, fleshy, breathing body in the world to some extent. Somatic practices are practices that bring about the integration of the mind/body/consciousness. Although this approach has similarities to posthumanist work it draws on philosophical and practical theory grounded in the bodily and embodied experience. The transition into the academy from being a practitioner/artist into a teacher/researcher was at times challenging, and probably influences author's understanding of what counts as data or art. Yoga as a mind–body exercise was identified by Ivanka Prichard as a physical activity that increases the direct experience of the body, and one that could be particularly effective in reducing self-objectification. The term 'bodywork' implies an element of touch that may include, but is not limited to, massage or physical therapy: 'a variety of manipulative therapies'.