This chapter explores how author's four summers at Angsbacka from 2010 to 2013 transformed and galvanised his embodied pedagogic practice in visual anthropology. It focuses on three positions chapter experienced in relation to documentary film and video production: spectator, co-creator and protagonist. Each relates to three productions: TMN, One Week West of Molkom (OWW) and an episode for the Norwegian TV series, Ari Og Per. The chapter outlines the community practice of sharing was fundamental to all three films, as was understanding their relevance to visual anthropology and to three pedagogical exercises. It concludes by showing how student productions have led him to be critical of Ruby's requirement and to relocate a valued and personalised reflexivity from a filmic or textual product to the process of viewing films and filmmaking. Visual anthropology's influential scholars argues: for the filmmaker the film is an extract from all the footage shot for it and a reminder of all the events that produced it.