Disaggregation by Actors Micro-level research on conflict draws attention to actors who feature less prominently, if at all, in state-centered analyses that rely on country-year research designs (see Buhaug and Rød 2006; Humphreys and Weinstein 2006; Salehyan, Gleditsch, and Cunningham 2011). By disaggregating agency, these studies explicitly take individuals (Bhavnani and Backer 2000; Florez-Morris 2010; Annan et al. 2011; Bosi and Della Porta 2012), households (Justino 2009; Bozzoli and Brück 2009; Justino, Brück, and Verwimp 2013), and groups (Buhaug, Gates, and Lujala 2009; Cederman, Weidmann, and Gleditsch 2011; Gubler and Selway 2012; Staniland 2012; McCauley 2013) as units of analysis.