Our social world is rife with neoliberal thought, and is organised to promote the virtues and values of profit, entrepreneurship, and sacrifice. The stage was set for the introduction and implementation of neoliberalism. Bourdieu says neoliberalism undertook an unprecedented assault on the welfare state, which he considered one of the greatest human inventions. In Marx's bodily set-up, he seems more like someone going to some athletic competition or onto an excursion at some university campus, than someone boarding a plane to the land of exploited youth, sabotaged bodies, and suffering. Working class youth are told that future prosperity lies in the North where money is large and sacrifice larger. The gymscape interrupts the control exercised by supervisors and ‘caretakers’ in the camp and work site. Having created uncertainty and insecurity via neoliberalist policies, capital banks on young people to replenish labour ranks in industries with difficulties in recruiting and retaining workers.