This chapter provides the objections to the Bio-Amazons project. But the Bio-Amazons project is not only part of sex-equalising programme; it also expresses secular, science-based libertarian model according to which the deliberate adaptation of our biological nature is individuals' prerogative, not God's or any other worldly authorities'. The chapter focuses on potential for Bio-Amazons is increasingly necessary as science, particularly sports medicine, is advancing so fast that prospect of genetically transforming sex-related physiological traits in athletes might become a reality in a relatively near future. It also provides an answer to the criticism that genetic engineering of women athletes amounts to a misuse of medical expertise and resources, as these women are not sick but rather healthy individuals who wish to enhance their physical traits. The fact that both women and the disabled have always tried to emulate the performance standards of fully physically capable males in elite sports, speaks in favour of extending that possibility to both groups.