This chapter presents the results of a small qualitative study designed to gain insight into transgender and cisgender athletes' perceptions of fairness in the regulation and inclusion of transgender athletes in high-performance sport. It provides insight into the barriers to inclusive sport that eligibility rules create for transgender individuals, but are not intended to represent all athletes' perspectives or ways of thinking. The chapter emphasizes three themes that emerged from the viewpoints shared in the interviews such as: uncertainty about what constitutes a performance advantage in sport, a commitment to fairness, but genuine doubt as to what fairness entails, and connections between participants' understanding of fairness and respect. Many researchers have pointed out the continued unfairness of discriminating against transgender athletes, and today high-performance sport remains a sex-segregated space that can condone gender injustice. The resulting information can then be used to design more inclusive sport policies and educational resources for teachers, coaches, athletes, and other stakeholders in sport.