This chapter is structured as follows: firstly, it highlights the gendered character of leadership to show the ways in which the feminine is represented. Secondly, the ways in which ethics relates to the feminine and forms of feminine leadership will be identified and problematized. Thirdly, it explores the embodied nature of leadership and locates ethics at the site of bodies. Fourthly, an ethics of sexual difference is discussed in order to raise the ethical questions arising from gendered difference that undo accounts of gendered leadership that work against a responsibility to the other. The chapter discusses acknowledging that corporate leadership is dominated by men and masculinity, and thus situates women's leadership as a site of otherness, of difference from this male/masculine domain. The chapter concludes discussing how current conceptions of feminine leadership serve to strengthen gender stereotypes and inequality by reproducing restrictive gender binaries that reify masculinity and femininity expressed through male and female bodies respectively.