From a feminist perspective, this chapter sets out to sketch the development of the last decades leading up to the contemporary neoliberal political situation. What are the consequences for women and other disadvantaged groups? What role can feminism play, and which alliances can feminists join, if they want to resist the hazards of the global neoliberal order? The examples are drawn mainly from a British context, though linking up to other European nations and the USA. The chapter illustrates that there are few women where power rules. At the same time, women all over the world are suffering under the effects of neoliberalism. Indeed, in one of the most recent analytic overviews of the corporate rebranding of a form of 'neoliberal feminism', American gender scholar Catherine Rottenberg sees the reshaping of feminist discourse as now central in the promotion of market ideologies around the globe, at least in their appeal to middle-class women.