Magnetic domain walls in ferromagnetic nanowires have attracted tremendous research interest in the recent years due to their potential applications in non-volatile magnetic memory and logic technologies. This chapter discusses in detail about the domain walls (DWs) and their dynamic behavior in ferromagnetic nanowires. The key topics described are methods for DW generation, different driving mechanisms, pinning and depinning schemes and finally detection techniques. At first, spin structures of different DWs depending on the dimensions of ferromagnetic nanostructures are discussed. Various methods to inject the DWs in the patterned nanowires by magnetic field and current are described. The DW dynamics behavior driven by magnetic field and current are presented in single nanowire and coupled two nanowire systems. Some light is shed on the effect of magnetostatic coupling on the DW dynamics. Two different kinds of remote-driving mechanisms with internal coupling field and exchange energy are described in detail. The DW pinning by notch and anti-notch structures are presented in the following section. Finally, the chapter is concluded with the insights on the DW detection methods by magnetoresistance and magnetic force microscopy imaging techniques.