This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book explores 'Theorizing Geomedia', 'Geomedia Spaces' and 'Geomedia Mobilities'. It discusses geomedia as a theoretical domain and position geomedia studies in relation to previous research. The book presents 'space' and 'mobility' respectively – two notions that are central to this emergent research field. It deals with a reflective and forward-looking contribution by Scott McQuire, author of Geomedia: Networked Cities and the Future of Public Space and a key contributor to geomedia studies. The book shows that in different ways set out to understand the complex relationship of media, space and mobility. While differently attuned both methodologically and theoretically, on the coalescing of media on the one hand and mobility on the other. The book describes the mobility turn in the social sciences and pursues to explicate the concept of mobilism, which may help to understand contemporary societies 'on the move'.