This chapter provides a various contributions to the study of media, materiality and mobilities, it arriving at a thicker description of geomedia with rich local and geographical detail. It explores 'infrastructure space' as a good way to examine the co-dependent entanglement of materializations of media, mobilities and energy and their interplay with geography, geoecologies and geopolitics. The chapter presents the question of mobility justice and explores how it might inform contemporary geographies of media infrastructures with greater attention to the politics of uneven mobilities and the uneven materialities of media infrastructure spaces and practices. It considers how a materialist approach to geomedia as mobile infrastructure space can contribute to new critical understandings of unevenly mediated spatial relations, especially those that come to the foreground after breakdowns. The chapter shows how the material turn in both media studies and mobilities research supports a turn towards geomedia studies as a critical approach to infrastructure space and the planetary geographies of media infrastructures.