The network Die Landforscher (countryside researchers) is a practice-oriented organisation that engages in ongoing reflection on its own role as an intermediary between the different actors involved in transdisciplinary research. The network links independent offices of freelance agricultural scientists; our work focuses on the interface between agricultural practice, science and politics with the aims of initiating learning processes and facilitating the implementation of jointly generated knowledge. The chapter describes two projects undertaken with farmers who are attempting to adopt improved farming practices, through on-farm animal slaughter and by reducing or eliminating use of dairy feed concentrates. Despite the potential contribution of these farming practices to sustainable agriculture, they are still marginalised by mainstream agricultural research and policy. Our projects result in enhanced empowerment of farmers and their newly established associations, through validation of innovative practices originated by farmers themselves. The projects promoted dialogue among all involved actors, including farmers, scientists, policy makers and public agencies. In this respect Die Landforscher fulfils an important role as a communications channel, as the long term viability of the new practices depends on the adoption of favourable agrarian policies, regulatory frameworks and funding programmes by authorities at local, national and European levels.