Group supervision can be the primary mode of supervision or in conjunction with individual supervision, particularly for art therapists in training. However, group supervision is more than several clinicians meeting together to discuss clinical concerns – group feedback is what makes it distinct from individual supervision. This chapter draws on the literature and multiple experiences as campus-based art therapy group supervisors, off-site group art therapy supervisors for professionals, members of peer supervision groups, and members and supervisors for on-site group supervision for clinicians from various backgrounds. Various group supervision formats such as campus-based, on-site, off-site for professionals, and peer consultation are defined. Additional topics covered are the developmental stages of supervisees in group supervision, facilitating the session, sharing space, and termination considerations, as well as process recordings, sketchbooks, and other tools. This chapter includes clinical supervision vignettes by the first author and two different supervisees, describing on-campus group supervision, professional on-site group supervision, and professional peer consultation groups. Arts-based practice prompts are included to help group members understand the unique complexities of each clinical setting. The chapter ends with briefly discussing termination issues unique to group supervision settings.