Just as confidentiality and informed consent are fundamental concepts between therapist and client, the supervisory relationship has similar obligations. This chapter encompasses confidentiality among the supervisor, supervisee, client, and the setting, while reviewing confidentiality basics involving the ability to consent, morality issues, inadvertent disclosures, jurisdiction-specific concerns, and addressing the magnitude of social media. In addition, this chapter covers informed consent between client and therapist in the context of supervision, supervisor, and supervisee, as well as additional suggestions for the professional disclosure statement. Codes of conduct pertinent to art therapists are highlighted, relating directly to a supervisor’s responsibility to a supervisee or student regarding confidentiality and informed consent. As art therapists, understanding how client artwork can be utilized outside of session, including in supervision, is addressed in reviewing artwork consent procedures. This chapter includes art- and writing-based practice prompts for supervisees and supervisors to consider the complexities of confidentiality, along with additional resources regarding confidentiality and ethics.