Individual supervision for the art therapist is often the principal method of supervision. For on-site supervisors, individual supervision frequently blends administrative and clinical supervisory interventions by one supervisor who is likely responsible for staff evaluations and departmental outcomes. Thus the possibility exists for parallel yet conflicting paths of responsibilities for the supervisor and other non-clinical functions of the position that may challenge and override the needed clinical supervision. This chapter provides an in-depth definition of in-person, individual supervision as well as dyad supervision, as dyads are often more similar to individual supervision than group. Although there is no one right way to provide an individual or dyad session, a framework and related considerations are explored. The nuances, particularly of being required versus choosing to participate in supervision, are detailed. To better illustrate these supervisory dynamics, strategies are shared from established best practices and through vignettes sharing experiences and knowledge gained with supervisees. This chapter includes clinical supervision vignettes by supervisees of both authors and arts-based practice prompts to increase the supervisory alliance, address transitioning from a supervisee to a supervisor, and to thoughtfully address termination.