Annotated bibliography will inevitably become incomplete as unknown publications emerge and new work is published. It consists of annotated entries on all Rose Macaulay's known published works, on biographies of her and volumes of her letters, and on scholarly work published on Macaulay in English up to 2016. Macaulay's books, short stories and plays comprise Section 1, to be consulted in parallel with her essays and contributions to books in Section 2 to gain a sense of her literary preoccupations over time. Section 3 lists her collected letters and the biographical material, Section 4 comprises the critical studies, Section 5 the scholarly articles and book chapters, and Section 6 lists PhD theses on her work. Macaulay's writing was giving increasing importance to the values of the educated classes. It was now important for her characters to have the right cultural background, rather than relying on encrusted notions of honour and tradition associated with land and title in the Victorian manner.