Youngcare is a high profile Not for Profit organisation focused on assisting young Australians to avoid or exit aged care by providing facilities and programs across Australia. Youngcare receives no recurrent government funding. Youngcare's mission is focused on the 7000 young people with high care needs living in aged care in Australia today. Leadership in any sector presents challenges. But perhaps, the challenges and rewards of leadership in the not-for-profit balance differently. The disability sector has been particularly fluid in recent years with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Constant uncertainty can make setting a coherent strategy that motivates the team and moves the organisation towards its goals, a challenge for the board and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Youngcare events support the organisational culture, as well as being vehicles for fundraising and brand building. Not-for-profit organisations—like any business are responsible to a complex range of stakeholders.