A need has been identified in the UK (HaPS, 2010; Lynch et al., 2007; McVie, Coxon, Hawkins, Palmer, & Rice, 2008), Europe (Kottmann, 2011) and beyond, to build capacity in both the development of advanced research methods in the social sciences and their application to challenging research problems. Building that capacity requires investment of resources and considerable attention has been paid to the organizational elements (Moley & Seale, 2010; Payne & Williams, 2011). Building capacity also demands attention to the ways in which methods are taught and learned and to enhancing pedagogical knowledge among those involved. The research literature on the pedagogy of advanced research methods is relatively limited indicating that more research is needed to stimulate a pedagocial culture (Earley, 2014; Kilburn, Nind, & Wiles, 2014; Wagner, Garner, & Kawulich, 2011).