This chapter discusses the dynamics of accommodation and change are complex. It points to the preliminary study by Miller about the language of Upper Egyptian migrants in Cairo. With migration to Cairo from rural areas, speakers of other forms of Egyptian Arabic have been brought to the capital for decades. Foreign institutions are concentrated in specific parts of Greater Cairo. The German and French schools in Cairo are vastly outnumbered by English schools. In her study, Plumlee examines the linguistic landscape of Cairo – public road signs, advertisements and commercial shop signs in two local areas of Cairo (Maadi and Madinat Nasr). Plumlee argues that the linguistic landscape of Cairo has been influenced by the arrival of a significant number of East Asians. The chapter talks about Standard Cairene Arabic (SCA) and the performance of SCA. The highly centralized political and cultural makeup of Egypt makes Cairo a unique city in more than one way and SCA a unique dialect.