Entrepreneurship Education is the creation of a vision that aims to consider transformation change in both the content and process of learning. Coaching is a social activity that aims to improve skills, abilities, knowledge and experience by working with someone who knows how to get the best of someone. There is a growing orientation towards Entrepreneurship Education to create attributes and skills in order to shift the emphasis in learning from educating ‘about’ entrepreneurship to educating ‘for’ it.

This chapter establishes entrepreneurship as a social activity and a construction that has multiple meanings. It critically explores entrepreneurship learning and the adult learning theories. The potential links between adult learning theories and coaching are discussed. The chapter then introduces coaching as a viable tool for entrepreneurship development, citing its key characteristics as a developmental tool. To conclude, the chapter highlights the importance of commissioning research to develop more evidence-based arguments. The developed arguments here aim to inspire further research and possible practical applications within the interest groups.