This chapter explores how the unique features of the Group (G) Family influence its ability to respond to the challenges posed by ISIL. It shows that the G Family has taken up the challenges posed by ISIL and has encouraged actions against the group. The origins of the Groups in their two forms G7/8 and Group of 20 (G20) are located in global economic difficulties. The G20 emerged at the Finance Ministers level in 1999 in the context of the Asian financial crisis and was effectively a creature of the G7/G8. The G Family, with members who had global reach and interests, has moved from primarily economic discussions to security issues, dating back to terrorism in the 1970s, which rose to the G7 agendas. A report issued officially by the G8 from the Foreign Ministers meeting called for urgent action by the UN Security Council to follow through on the steps outlined in the Annan report.