In 1926, at the age of twenty, Ohno Kazuo came to Tokyo, and then entered the world of dance in 1936, while working as physical education teacher. Before and after the war, he was involved in the dance world, and then in 1954, he met Hijikata Tatsumi. Eventually, he participated alongside Hijikata in the creative period of ankoku butoh. In 1949, Ohno established the Ohno Kazuo Dance Studio, and almost immediately held the First Ohno Kazuo Dance Recital. As if a dam had broken, Ohno held recitals every year until 1951, and then skipped a year and held a fourth recital in 1953. After the 1953 recital, other than appearing as a supporting dancer in Eguchi and Miya dances once or twice a year, Ohno quit appearing in own performances for five years, so we can think of this as the first period of silence for Ohno. During the time when Ohno had ceased activities, the dance world was changing.