This chapter aims to illustrate the findings of research in sport, dance, and exercise by focusing on the latest research. Perfect performance, flawlessness, and the perfect body are revered in sport, dance, and exercise. To better understand the effects of perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise, we call for research that adopts longitudinal designs, examines moderating factors, develops and refines measurement tools, and focuses on the influence of perfectionism among exercisers. Research examining perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise began some 25 years ago. Frost and Henderson examined the relationship between perfectionism and reactions to mistakes during competition among athletes. The chapter includes an overview of the two-factor model of perfectionism and an updated review of research adopting an independent effects approach. The two-factor model of perfectionism is comprised of two positively related higher-order dimensions of perfectionism, namely perfectionistic strivings (PS) and perfectionistic concerns (PC).