In this chapter, the author talks about Zhuangzi and existential psychology. As people turn back to Zhuangzi, they find that he offers a profound alternate possibility for how to face death. Zhuangzi can help them to overcome death anxiety and gain unprecedented freedom. Zhuangzi saw life and death in nature as a whole and rejected a disconnected dualistic view towards death. Zhuangzi saw human beings existing as part of nature, so death was not equated with obliteration but rather a reintegration with nature. With bitter sarcasm, Zhuangzi goes on to describe a man who flatters others and sold himself out at work. Zhuangzi warns that when one chases after something desperately, one will surely be in danger of losing something else. Correspondingly, an important concept in the philosophy of Zhuangzi is "the usefulness of uselessness". Zhuangzi was one who embraced freedom completely and he practiced what he preached.