The jade and the Tao are two powerful symbols in 'The Flight of Lin Hui'. The power of symbolism is in its ability to remain simultaneously concrete and abstract, and through this hold together various meanings, or 'truths', in a single symbolic expression. Artists, philosophers, and psychologists often endlessly play with symbols. This play is not for mere enjoyment, but rather it serves to promote insight. In 'The Flight of Lin Hui', the jade and the Tao hold many potential meanings that can serve to illuminate and incite reflection. Merton's translation of 'the bond of self-interest' reflects the broader symbolism of the jade representing self-interest, security, self-focused prosperity, or material gains. The jade is a valuable material possession, representing financial gain or profit. However, in Zhuangzi's parable, it is also a symbol of power or prestige. Zhuangzi's parable 'The Flight of Lin Hui' deeply resonates with existential and relationship values.