The author presents his own search for authenticity, his failures, and occasional successes. Although each person's journey is unique, his believe that his personal journeys, if plumbed deeply enough, open up into the universal dimension of common humanity. In psychology, the term authenticity is often associated with the existential-humanistic movement. Authenticity is also associated with existential philosophy. Sara's illness had a major impact on his authenticity. For him, the most challenging part of Zhuangzi's story has to do with his refusal to be Prime Minister. This tells him that authenticity is not simply about being real in their interactions with others but that it also has to do with the values, decisions, and actions that inform their life. When offered the position as Prime Minister, Zhuangzi had to understand the situation, make a decision, and take action. In Sartre's words, he could respond either authentically or inauthentically.