This chapter looks at the context, response, impact, and criticism that surrounded Imam Muda, and argues that the show was not a one-time deviation from the standard reality television model. Astro Oasis has focused on Islamic reality television contests that are less likely to spark resistance, like Pencetus Ummah, which focuses on the search for the next influential preacher. The show was also described as intended to help improve the popular image of imams, and Islam in general, to make it more relevant to young Malaysians. Imam Muda attracted almost instant international attention, with stories in European and North American news media: France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. The criticism came from a secular writer, but Imam Muda received criticism from religious Malays and Southeast Asians as well. The burst of international news coverage that accompanied the launch of Imam Muda in 2010 has not been matched by similar interest in Malaysia's subsequent Islamically-focused reality television contests.