Countries and cities are increasingly looking to sport mega-events to change or enhance their international reputation or brand image. While few would argue with the global attention these events command, assessing a definitive legacy for the place brand of the host is a more complex exercise. Similar to other legacy criticisms, questions remain around the longevity of perceived branding gains. This chapter details a number of different studies conducted to assess aspects of the place brand legacy from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The chapter discusses the branding opportunities that resulted from the event, the role of stakeholders in sustaining these branding gains, and the opportunities that exist for place branding legacy beyond sport mega-events, particularly for emerging place brands.

Fact: Mega-events provide significant branding opportunities for cities and nations, especially within developing economies.

Fairy tale: A positive branding legacy is an expected outcome from hosting a mega-event, without intentional, sustained leveraging efforts of brand stakeholders.