Neglect can have a major impact on all areas of the child's development, and that impact can continue throughout childhood and even throughout adulthood. Sometimes, by the time a child has been removed from a neglectful situation, irreversible damage has already been done. Neglect can poison childhood and permanently damage life chances; at its worst, children die from neglect. Neglect sometimes starts before birth, so this chapter considers neglect from pregnancy until the end of the early years. It helps to understand the range of experiences that constitute neglect in the early years. The chapter also helps to understand the impact of neglect on the developing child in their early years. It explains to carry out the legal and procedural requirements that apply when neglect is identified. Neglect takes many forms, and every child's experience of neglect will be unique. Different types of neglect are: Physical neglect, Emotional neglect, Nutritional neglect, Medical neglect and Educational neglect.