Knowledge and expertise – often ignored in the studies of professions–are crucial to understanding the situation of professions and professionalization. The strength of narrative has several consequences. One of these is that it enables organisations and institutions to create lifeworlds that become Self-sustaining and powerful. A new set of myths was emerging caught between a hankering for the past ‘golden age’ and the brashness of the new regime. Boje characterises sense-making narratives as legend, myth, and folk tale. Competition among professional service firms has deepened as client relationships changed along with firm composition. Traditionally, firms would cultivate clients with the aim of providing a wide portfolio of services to the client. The push to globalisation came from finance and business, which needed to use Western hegemony to ensure its products were sold all over the world. As the narrative indicates, part of the solution to the future of professions lies in the increased use of technology, which might seem counter-intuitive.