This chapter discusses that the occupation of the Legislative Yuan (LY), which was dominated by the action of students, was not merely a student movement or a student-led movement. On 18 March of 2014, a group of students and civil society organization (CSO) activists broke into the building of the LY in Taiwan and then occupied the assembly hall for more than three weeks to protest against the passing of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (CSSTA) in the legislature. It examines the multiple waves of social movement prior to the Sunflower Movement, with analytical emphasis and focuses on how the overlapping mobilization and the common movement tactics led to their involvement in the Democratic Front against Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement (DFACSSTA), and how the China factor was relevant to each context for the movement. In the multiple waves of social movements prior to the Sunflower Movement, CSOs of originally different backgrounds were gradually involved together through cross-sectional mobilization.