The critic as gesture is a frustration with exhausted modes of critical engagement within our elite, cultural world, expressed in writerly form. The critic as gesture is as diligent as a miser. Reading is essential to both the actual act of producing critical writing and the intellectual world in which it bounces. Navigation describes precision of intent, exposing the ethical responsibility of the deeds of the writer to our reader, or if we are very lucky, to our readers, plural. Resistance through anonymity is not a relegation of responsibility, rather anonymity creates commodious possibilities for others’ works and, in this way, anonymity permits our writing to exceed us, to exceed our own, limited, often class-based ambitions: to assemble. It is entirely possible that multiple voices chance on the same formal solution, this is agreeable if it occurs through happenstance because then it demonstrates the right to assemble at one’s own will, the right to party.