This chapter explores the impact of government austerity on the lives of the further education (FE) workforce and the communities they serve, while also reflecting on the importance of FE and its role in both countries' education systems. It starts with the FE sectors in each country, comparing similarities and differences between the two. The term Further Education and Training (FET) is used in Ireland to encompass FE, Vocational Education and Training (VET). FET is often used interchangeably with VET, depending on the perspective. FET embraces education and training that occurs after second-level schooling and mainly in the further and continuing education sector, though FET occurs in some higher education (HE) establishments. The impact of austerity and the systemic reforms implemented across FE in both countries have been significant and far-reaching. The creation of the new national strategy for FET is designed to play a key role in meeting the needs of individual students and equally the government's economic policy.