In my recent survey of clinicians a respondent remarked that she experienced joy every day with her students. The survey shows that clinicians experience a variety of feelings in their clinical work, some not as positive as joy. This chapter examines the impact of the transition undergone by clinical legal practitioners on leaving the city or the high street for the campus in their journey from litigator to educator. Corporate or high street practices are familiar settings for the majority of legal practitioners in whichever jurisdiction. The future of the legal profession depends on training institutions providing valid teaching for the preparation of future entrants to the profession and many choose to do so by employing practising lawyers as faculty staff. In institutions where clinical legal education is offered to law students, legal practitioners take on new clinical roles as they teach their student apprentices. Do these clinicians have time to care about their changing roles? The results of the international survey I carried out in spring 2010 indicate that they do.