Ford Madox Ford and Joseph Conrad met in September 1898, while Conrad was staying with their mutual friend Edward Garnett at The Cearne, near Limpsfield in Surrey. In this chapter, Joseph Conrad consider some of Ford's other remarks about Conrad's literary theory and practice, both in A Personal Remembrance and in other appreciations written closer to the time of their collaboration. The reason why Ford associated Conrad's concern with inevitableness' particularly with The Secret Agent is explained in his memoir, in which he recalls Conrad elaborating the need for justification' during a discussion of the plot of that novel. Ford was deeply marked by reading Lord Jim. It has entered into Conrad like the blood in my veins. Michael North's argument suggests one way of seeing Ford and Conrad's friendship as a seminal chapter in the cultural history of modernism, bracketed by the milestones of Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Ford's editorship of the English Review.