The statue Homage to the Musician stands in Covões’s central square, Largo do Santo António. Where other villages valorize soldiers and politicians through public monuments, Covões celebrates its musicians. The bronze figures depict an older man dressed in a martial uniform playing the tenor saxophone and a young boy gazing up in admiration as he holds the music the saxophonist plays. Before lyres – metal clips used to fasten sheets of music to wind instruments when marching or standing – were common, musicians depended on volunteers, often children, to hold the music notation from which they played. In 1993, the Sociedade Filarmónica de Covões commissioned the monument to commemorate the 125th anniversary of its founding on 13 June 1868. By showing the man and boy, the statue portrays the band as a musical tradition passed down from generation to generation, echoing an old saying in Covões, ‘Born a man, born a musician’1 (see Figure 7.1).